Internet marketing gurus such as Ed Dale, Pete Williams and Dave Jenyns expose their strategies in a free e-book, What Is Working in Internet Marketing in Australia.

Compiled by Casey Stevens of, the e-book is a quick strategy update for everyone looking to make money online and gives people the world over an insight into the directions that the ground-breaking experts in Australia are heading towards.

“This is not a historical work, and it does not wax-lyrical about the success of each contributor” says Stevens. “Rather it is a no-nonsense, straight to the point, discussion about what strategies are working, NOW.”

The experts, and the topics they cover are:
* Anthony Bieniak: Get To The Top Of Google – No Website Needed
* Ed Dale: Easily Become The Leader In Your Market
* Dave Jenyns: Rise To The Top Of The Search Engines For Greater Exposure
* Leigh Kostiainen: Building A Fan Base With Facebook Pages
* Carolyn McCourtie: The Power Of A Well Optimised Website
* Tim Reid: Turning Prospects Into Customers With Podcasting
* Mike Rhodes: How to Profit With Google Adwords
* Jennifer Sheahan: Targeting Your Customers With Facebook Advertising
* Casey Stevens: Getting Publicity For Your Business “New School Style”
* Will Swayne: Email Marketing With Direct Mail
* Kyle Tully: Prospect Followup & Making Sales On Autopilot
* Pete Williams: Leveraging Other Websites To Sell Your Product For You

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