Whether you’re a business, franchise, conference, college or non-profit, I’d love to see if there’s a way for me to help support the great work you’re doing.

Ever since (somehow) winning a public speaking event for high school students in my little country town – the local ‘Lions Club Youth of the Year’ – I’ve loved sharing my story and experiences directly with large groups.

Since those early days, I’ve had a lot of experience as a business owner and entrepreneur, and now have things of real value to share.

Whether you’re a business, franchise, conference, college or non-profit, I’d love to see if there’s a way for me to help support the great work you’re doing.

Oh, and don’t let the Professor of Practice title fool you, I don’t lecture, I tell stories.

It’s far more important to have people laughing at (and with) me when they hear about some of the things I’ve done, than for me to stand on stage for an hour or so and bore people to tears.

Plus, I want to give your audience practical strategies and actionable steps that they can apply to their own organisations or lives as soon as they get home … leaving a long-lasting, positive memory from your event.


I never give the same presentation twice, that’s boring for me, and not unique for you. Every presentation is tailored to your audience, event and objectives.

Most importantly (for me and for you), your audience should walk away raving about what they’ve heard, the fun they’ve had and the strategies they’ll credit you for learning.

As I did on our Preneurcast Podcast for years, I can talk about almost anything, but I’ve suggested some starting themes below.

The 7 Levers of Business Growth

An extension of my books ‘Cadence’ & ‘10% Wins’.

Your audience might be just like the over 27 million small business owners and managers around the world, most of whom open their doors to a feeling of overwhelm and confusion. They feel that panic because most have no idea how to grow the profits of their business.

The typical advice provided by most speakers is to “hustle” and “work more hours”, adopt new marketing “tactics” or just “work on your business, not in your business.”

The irony is, “more” is rarely the solution, and without a roadmap, even good advice is just that, advice.

Consistent, measurable business growth doesn’t require radical overhauls, massive investments or huge transformations. It simply requires riding the momentum of small “10% Wins” in seven key areas of your business.

Selling The G!

The amazing story of selling “The People’s Ground” back to the people.

The craziest thing happened… just a few months after graduating from Deakin with a Bcomm, I went from spending my days dealing with people’s feet at my part-time job at Athletes Foot to being referred to as ‘Australia’s Richard Branson” in media all over the country.

This is the story of how a simple idea, swiped from a get-rich-quick-book, lead to one of the most incredible and funny business adventures, involving one of the most famous sporting stadiums in the world.

From the dark corners of a wrecker’s warehouse to cease-and-desist letters, and from Teddy Witten to Tiger Woods, this enthralling tale includes some incredible lessons that will have you winning in no time.

Tales From The Trenches

From finding great customers to firing bad ones, and the delivery of everything in between.

Unlike a lot of professional speakers, I spend my days in the trenches just like your audience …  every day in my B2B and B2C companies, I’m out there with my team, trying to sell real products & services to real people.

Let me share with your audience why, after 20+ years in business, we’ve learned:

  • “to never go into business with Jim Henson”
  • “not to operate from sideshow alley”
  • “the problems of not sticking to your knitting”
  • and most importantly how “we celebrate Mothers Day everyday in organisation” … and why your audience should too.

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