It’s been a big week for Yellow Pages here in Australia.

Not only have they been highly criticised for their ‘Hidden Pizza’ marketing campaign, where they opened a free pizza parlour in a hidden Melbourne location, in an ‘attempt’ to prove that the Yellow Pages is a tool used by consumers to find businesses.

But in the aftermath, Stephen Ronchi the Strategic Communications Manager at Sensis, which owns Yellow Pages Australia came out and basically said that using the Yellow Pages is a last resort and the tool for lazy business owners.

“[Yellow Pages is]…for small businesses who may be time-poor and don’t always have the necessary expertise in marketing and advertising, web and content development, search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, etc.”

Hey, admission of a problem is the first step to a solution – so I applaud you Yellow Pages.

I hope this is really sinking in for you – If you are still relying on printed directories to drive the majority of your business, you are seriously missing out on a lot of potential income.

There are so many more measurable, cost-effective and instant ways to market your business – and I hope you’re ACTIVELY implementing just some.

The whole ‘hidden pizza restaurant’ thing is an interesting read [no pitch, no opt-in, just content] and

For Melbournians [Australia]

So to combat this, and teach you the skills even Yellow Pages agrees you need to know to grow your business, a good friend and killer marketer Dave Jenyns and I are teaming up to put on a one-day workshop here in Melbourne.

A workshop focused heavily on Internet Marketing for local business. Run by real world business owners – Not some self-proclaimed “marketing experts.”

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