You must have heard that Pete got a standing ovation at Ed Dale’s Going Pro conference.

“One of the best productivity prezies I’ve ever seen for internet marketers!”
– Michelle MacPhearson

“Just watched your presentation at [Going Pro] for a 2nd time. Absolutely awesome presentation mate!”
– Donal

So much to do, so little time?  In Lessons in Leverage, Pete shares some neat tips, tricks and techniques that will help you get more done, faster.  Among the topics that he touches on are:

  • Automate forum posts to practice market leadership
  • How to improve communications with your team by leveraging iPhone apps
  • How to reduce your inbox whilst improving your communications, whilst potentially adding to your list
  • How to outsource content creation
  • The best way to manage an outsource team
  • How to manage your Facebook friend requests (without looking and feeling bad)
  • How to outsource birthdays
  • How to arrange interviews with content experts for your blog and membership sites
  • How to create processes and systems for your team using the most awesome software ever

Again, it’s the only presentation that got a standing ovation. Purchase Pete’s session now for ONLY US$25.

“The Pete Williams presentation was one of the most insightful hands-on talks I’ve seen anyone give in a very long time!”
– Todd Brown

Click here to learn more about the Going Pro conference and the Lessons in Leverage.