Pete Williams joins Clay Clark and Dr Z of the Thrivetime Show, and teaches how you can double your business by making small (10%) improvements. He also breaks down his new book Cadence while sharing about his relationship with best-selling authors Tim Ferris and Robert Greene.

They also talk about:

  • What errors he made along the path to success that slowed down his success
  • What are the things that you need to do before you start a business
  • What is the #1 book that every entrepreneur needs to read
  • What is something that he would do with his business if he were 100% confident that it would not fail
  • What is a skill that if someone had would double their business
  • What online resources he recommends to entrepreneurs
  • What is the best coaching and advice he could give to entrepreneurs
  • And more

Listen to this episode now and find out how you can get the¬†audiobook version of Pete’s book for free: