Australia’s most historic and honored sports stadium, The MCG, which is going up for sale tomorrow, in pieces, has become an Australian YouTube sensation – amassing thousands of views in the last 24 hours.

A 9:30 am on Thursday, the Australian public will be able to purchase their very own unique piece of this world famous icon; which was otherwise set for the demolishers’ trash heap, and the videos created by G’s “would be savior”, sharing his journey trying to save the MCG’s memory have taken a sharp rise in views and followers on the video sharing Web site

After stumbling upon the final remains of the historic MCC Crested Carpet, in the back corner of the wrecking company in-charge of the 2003 stadium upgrade, AFL member and sports fanatic, Pete Williams is giving everyone a chance to own a piece of the “Peoples Ground”

“I was shocked when I stumbled upon the historic carpet, just laying in the back of the wrecking companies warehouse.” states Williams. “People are so passionate about Aussie Rules, Cricket and the MCG … and I didn’t want to see a big part of our culture simply die … and I decided to record a view videos for YouTube sharing the process I went through saving this history … I knew a few people would be interested, but didn’t think it would be this popular’

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