Pete on Outlier on Air

In the latest episode of Outlier on Air, host Ever Gonzales and Pete talk about the 7 Levers of Business that are each linked directly to a company’s profitability. Pete shares how increasing each of these levers by just 10 percent increments will boost a business’s ability to generate greater income.

If you’ve been following along, the 7 Levers of Business are specific aspects of business that are each directly linked to your profitability. He refers to them as levers because, if you PULL on any of these elements by improving them, even slightly, your profits will increase accordingly.

Among the highlights:

  • Helping Entrepreneurs: Pete tells us that when you discover new tools, you need to determine which aspect of your business that tool is going to help grow. If it’s not going to help your business grow at the time you need it to, than it’s not relevant.
  • End Game for Pete: He has a couple of ideas and a few other books coming out down the road. But he is just going to continue to focus on growing his businesses, and balancing his work/personal life.
  • Take Away: Pete teaches us to open our minds, involve mentors and advisors, and make money with existing ideas. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Look for this inspiring interview, as well as others like it, on Outlier On Air:

Pete Shares His Mind, Money and Marketing Blueprint on the Triple-M Blueprint Podcast

Highlights of Pete’s conversation with Nicola Cairncross of The Business Success Factory on Mind, Money and Marketing, have been released on Nicola’s Triple-M Blueprint podcast.

Every week, Nicola interviews amazing business founders, entrepreneurs and internet marketers to find out just how they did it. She says, “I grill my guests to discover their ‘Triple-M Blueprint’ success secrets and share them with you so you can immediately use those secrets to become more successful too.”

Listen to this episode:

Pete on The Business Success Factory Podcast

In the latest episode of The Business Success Factory podcast, Pete chats with Nicola Cairncross about his entrepreneur story and shares his best learning/resource/revelation to date around the three topics — Your Business Mind, Your Business Marketing, Your Business Money. He also talks about what he is most looking forward to in 2015.

Listen to the entire episode here:

Pete Talks About the 7 Levers of Success on the Fresh Ideas Podcast

In this episode of the Fresh Ideas podcast, Pete talks with Marc Ford about how to increase the profitability of a driver training business (or any business) using the 7 Levers as a framework.

The 7 Levers are: Traffic, Opt-Ins, Conversions, Average Items Per Sale, Average Item Value, Average Transactions Per Period, and Margins. He shares how a small increase in each of these areas of any business could almost double your profits in less than a year.

Listen to to the episode now:

‘How to Turn Your Million-Dollar Idea Into a Reality’ in 5 minutes

Pete has shared how he turned his idea into a million-dollar business in a 259-page book.

In a challenge by Tom Pollack for the Business Owners’ Marketing Brief Series, he further breaks it down into 3 actionable key points in just 5 minutes.

Watch the quick video now at:

Pete Talks About Online Vs Offline Marketing, Finding Your Market, Digital Strategy and ROI on Switched On Podcast

In the 10th episode of Switched On podcast, Ludwina Dautovic chats with Pete about online versus offline marketing, finding your market, digital strategy and ROI. Other topics they touch on include:

  • Fun Fact: Pete wrote the foreword to Ludwina’s book, It’s That Easy – Online Marketing 3.0
  • Bringing online into an offline business
  • True or False: Every business should be online, have a website and an active social media presence (this turned into quite the discussion!)
  • Creating a digital strategy for your business
  • When ‘putting all of your eggs in one basket’ can work – in online marketing
  • Pros and cons of digital
  • Measuring ROI
  • Utilizing and creating content that is appropriate for your business

Listen to the podcast now:

Pete Shares the Secrets to the 7 Levers of Business on the Business Marketing Podcast

In the latest episode of the Business Marketing Podcast, Pete talks to Moe Bedard about some of the business strategies that have helped make him such a success. He also shares his secrets to the 7 Levers of Business. The 7 Levers (aka drivers of profit) are Traffic, Opt-Ins, Conversions, Average Items Per Sale, Average Item Value, Average Transactions Per Period, and Margins.

Moe started the Business Marketing Podcast to help business owners market their businesses both online and offline with real-world modern solutions without all the BS hype.

Listen to this episode now:

[Live Event] Secrets of Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

What: Information Nights to support the roll-out of high-speed broadband across the Inner East and South East regions of Melbourne
Who: Pete Williams and other top Aussie experts in online business
Wed, February 26, 6pm-9pm — Frankston &
Wed, March 12, 6pm-9pm — Malvern
Frankston Mechanics Institute. 1N Plowman Place, Frankston, Victoria (Wed, February 26) &
Functions on Chapel. Malvern, Victoria (Wed, March 12)
Cost: Free
RSVP: Bookings essential by Monday 24 February
Registration: Book online,
contact VECCI on (03) 8662 5333 or email digitalenterprise [at]

The Victorian Employers’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI), the Department of Communications (Federal Government), and the Local Councils of Frankston, Casey, Manningham and Stonnington (Victoria), joined together to hold a series of live events to promote the rollout of the National Broadband Network/High Speed Broadband. Pete and other top Aussie experts in online business will share their insights, their experiences and their journey with our attendees.

“The purpose of these events is to inspire and highlight to business owners the opportunities that will become available to them via high speed broadband.”
-Bernadette Schwerdt, Director
Australian School of Copywriting

Pete will be at the Frankston and Stonnington events.

Other speakers include:

Frankston Panel
Bernadette Schwerdt, MC and Founder of Australian School of Copywriting
Brad Smith, Founder of Motorbike Retailer, braaap
Tim Davies, Manager, Seller Education and Engagement, eBay Australia and New Zealand
Damien Thomas, Group Director, Business Development, CSIRO Manufacturing, Materials & Minerals
Kate Morris, Founder of
Pete Williams, Entrepreneur and Marketer, Author of “How to Turn Your Million-Dollar Idea Into a Reality”
Stonnington Panel
Bernadette Schwerdt, MC and Founder of Australian School of Copywriting
Misha Ketchell, Managing editor of The Conversation
Shaun O’Brien, eBay Entrepreneur, Founder Selby Acoustics
Pete Williams, Entrepreneur and Marketer, Author of “How to Turn Your Million-Dollar Idea Into a Reality”
James Tuckerman, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Anthill Online
Nathan Huppatz, Author of ‘Making Money on eBay for Dummies (AU Edition)’ and Founder of

Check out the fliers here and here. See you there!

Visit to register.

Pete Talks Parenting on The Parentalist Podcast

Sarah Spear of The Parentalist chats with Pete about his “hack the process” by asking for help, philosophy of trying something new, eliminating noise to find out if the idea matches the core business, and what next steps Mums and Dads can take to get closer to become successful like him.

Pete encourages us to sift through the noise of the digital world of Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Podcasts, Magazines and first ask ‘Does this support my core business?’   “Only do stuff in a context of supporting your core business.  Don’t try and start that as another profit centre, because then you end up having 15 plates in the air and you forget about your child and that’s not a good thing.”

Listen to this episode now.

Pete Featured in New Book on Business Building

Mark Middo, Growth Hacker and Founder of Social Empire, gives a shout-out to Pete in his new book, 5 Minute Business.

Mark has helped boost online revenues for some of the largest companies in the world, including Formula 1, MotoGP and McDonald’s. At 23, he created a popular piece of trading software which he then sold the rights to, to an investment company in the US. His book, 5 Minute Business, is based on the principles that helped him launch the trading software.

Inside you will discover growth hacking secrets like:

  •     Hacks to create and profit from world class brand for $297
  •     Hacks to get you a $50,000 website for $137
  •     Hacks that get Google to instantly send you “buyers with cash”
  •     Hacks to network yourself into the inner circle of any industry
  •     Hacks to convert website visitors into consistent cash

Visit to buy a copy or download a sample.

Pete Featured in Feed a Starving Crowd

Pete is mentioned in Robert Coorey’s latest book on selling on social networks like Reddit, StumbleUpon, Slideshare, and Pinterest. The book, Feed a Starving Crowd, features unique marketing strategies some of which require spending no money on advertising at all.

“… [Y]ou will learn how a “small-time” promoter sells out high priced business events, how an “unknown” author launched a best-selling book on Amazon, and how a brand new e-commerce site completed a multi-million dollar launch. All of these strategies were successful without spending a single cent on advertising.”

Check out for details.

‘Podcast Like a Pro’ Debuts, Features PreneurCast

In its very first episode, Podcast Like a Pro takes a closer look at PreneurCast and two other “podcasting stars,” and deconstructs what their creators (including Pete and Dom) did right.

Feature (or even cross-promote) your blog on other websites and digital spaces. Sharing your content in other arenas gives your podcast show more visibility, while at the same time adding value to those sites. So, think of where you can put your podcast show besides just your website and iTunes.

Listen to the entire podcast and get the show notes here.

Pete on infinite pie connection podcast

In Episode 19 of the infinite pie connection podcast, business coach Alan Fawcett speaks with Pete about what it takes to build a community and to go from idea to implementation.

Pete explains how he identifies ideas, captures them, and sits and down and decides which to proceed with.  His approach is to constantly consume information in various sources and then look at how each of those identified opportunities can be applied within his current business project. The focus is on how it could potentially work, without the pressure of actually deciding to take action at this point.

Listen to the entire podcast here.

Pete Shares a Powerful Business Framework for Small-Business Owners

In an exclusive call for the Marketing Mastery Mashup telesummit, Pete talks about the  framework and principle that guides the focus of each one of his businesses, which he recently shared in his 7 Levers of Business Report.

The report touches on the 7 key drivers of profit that online and offline entrepreneurs and marketers can easily implement in their business to increase its profitability.

Listen to the recording and download the report here.

Pete Featured in IIDM’s Business Growth & Performance Section

Pete Williams in International Institute of Directors and Managers IIDM NewsletterIn the latest edition of International Institute of Directors & Managers (IIDM) Newsletter, Pete shares how he’s been able to grow Infiniti Telecommunications despite big players like Telstra and Optus.

Unlike other large brands that define themselves with quirky slogans or imagery, Pete advocates a more practical approach. This strategy involves channelling all efforts into getting in front of customers. Forget the unnecessary chest beating; prioritise figuring out who your customers are, where you can find them, and what they want.

Read the entire article here.